Why Aluminum Fencing, Railings, & Gates for Vancouver Homes & Decks

June 9, 2015

From building a new house to new decks and other home renovations, you might be looking for options to install not only a new fence, but also railings and gates, too. Consider aluminum as your new best friend! QS Fencing offers a range of products and services from aluminum railing to gate installation. Being able to install […]

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Increase Your Vancouver Property Value by Installing a Fence

April 29, 2015

In addition to cleaning your space, updating your appliances and fixtures, and polishing up the basement, most real estate agents will not disagree that installing a metal fence will add value to your home. The Additional Property Value of Installing a Fence for Vancouver Homes They say that if you’re trying to sell a house, the appearance […]

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Electronic or Automatic Gate Costs for Vancouver Homes

March 5, 2015

Electronic or automatic gates are a great way to ensure the security of your private premises, be it a residential or commercial property. Though electronic or automatic gates are not necessary for every property situation, they have proven to be helpful on properties such as apartment or townhouse complexes or facilities, such as private schools […]

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Fence for Surrey BC

October 24, 2014

Tips on How to Choose the Best Commercial Fence Commercial fences in Surrey BC are often installed to keep out intruders and potential criminals; therefore, most of them are designed to look very serious and daunting. For businesses that want to keep an intimidating image, there are many sturdy-looking fences available. However, for those who […]

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3 Top Reasons To Call a Fence Company In Surrey for Your Home

August 29, 2014

Choosing a Surrey Fence Company for Home Fencing Installations While your property may be fine the way it is, building a fence around it can considerably enhance the appeal and beauty of your house or office. Apart from the increased aesthetics, fences have a solid utilitarian benefit as well. In case you are unsure whether you need a […]

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