Why Go Chain-link? Let’s Look At The Options.

May 15, 2017

The average cost of installing a fence is roughly $2500, with most falling between $1500 and $5500. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the type of fence you choose will have a huge impact on costs—not just for the material, but for installation as well. Cost considerations include parts, permits, making sure the […]

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Why Choose Aluminum Handrails for Stairs, Both Indoors and Outdoors

February 6, 2017

At QS Fencing Ltd., we specialize in metal railings rather than wood because aluminum and steel make the best choice for hand railings — both for indoors and outdoors. In fact, even strictly on decorative terms, an ornamental aluminum railing system can go toe-to-toe with any wood finished railing. In this post, we are going […]

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Write a BBB Review About Our Fencing Services!

September 15, 2016

As a small family run business we rely a lot on word of mouth from our satisfied customers. Your satisfaction means everything to us, so please let the world know about it! If you’re pleased with your fence and the service we’ve provided, please take a moment to write a BBB review for us! CLICK HERE TO REVIEW US […]

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Best Practices for Commercial Security Fencing in Vancouver, BC

April 18, 2016

Chain-link fencing is the most common type of structural outdoor security perimeter in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. While it’s often the best first-line of defense, installing a chain link fence is not always enough on its own to make a site secure. Depending on the level of security you require, there are a number of important additional prevention and detection controls […]

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Resturant Patio Ideas: Metal vs Wood Patio Fencing

January 4, 2016

Metal vs Wood Patio Fencing for Restaurants in Vancouver Our Vancouver fencing company specializes in metal fences; and for restaurants in rainy, west coast environments like Vancouver, there’s plenty of good reasons to choose metal over wood for your outdoor patio fence. Without further hubbub, let’s check out the top 3 reasons you’ll want to go with an […]

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