Why Choose Aluminum Handrails for Stairs, Both Indoors and Outdoors

At QS Fencing Ltd., we specialize in metal railings rather than wood because aluminum and steel make the best choice for hand railings — both for indoors and outdoors. In fact, even strictly on decorative terms, an ornamental aluminum railing system can go toe-to-toe with any wood finished railing.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the reasons for using aluminum hand railings instead of wood.

Aluminum railings provide a good balance of strength, price, and form. While the initial price at the outset may be higher than wood (though not always), installing an aluminum railing system provides longer term durability and lower maintenance cost than wood.

Outdoor Hand Railings

Because aluminum is naturally rust proof and weather proof, it’s ideal for outdoor railing systems. We install a lot of aluminum railings outdoors, especially for strata properties and commercial applications around Vancouver BC, because with our weather it’s often the best investment.

Indoor Hand Railings

Perhaps less obvious is the case for using aluminum  Aluminum Handrails for Stairsrailings indoors, but here again there are good reasons to use aluminum over wood. While the durability of wood is usually sufficient, wood railing installations are more limited in terms of design applications, namely because the first role of a railing is safety.

Form & Function Cohesion

A hand railing must be weight bearing. Depending on the bylaws hand railings often must be able to withstand a load of at least 200 pounds applied at any point in any direction. This puts aluminum and steel at a design advantage over wood railings as we can make a much more ornamental design that’s not functionally compromised.

So, for indoor applications where form may be a critical factor, aluminum hand-railings may offer better form and function than wood. Not to mention price – ornate, decorative rails can often be fabricated and installed relatively easily using metal than compared to wood.

Why QS Fencing Ltd for Aluminum Railings

We specialize in metal railing products at QS Fencing Ltd, so we can advise you on the correct railing for your needs, whether it’s indoor or outdoor railings, for either commercial or residential applications.

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