Forget Fence Repair: Build a Fence That Lasts

When it comes fence repair, the professionals at QS Fencing know you can’t just think in terms of this year or even the next—you have to think long term as in five, ten or twenty years. Nothing lasts forever, and eventually fence repair will be mandatory for any type of fence. However, choosing the right construction material upfront can save a lot of headaches and expense down the road.

Let’s compare the three most fences types. Consider the pros and cons and then decide which best meets your needs.

Cedar Picket

Always a popular choice aesthetically, cedar and other softwood picket are easy to shape and relatively cheap to install. However, regular weather treatment and painting will be mandatory in Vancouver’s wet, windy climate.

Pros: Can be customized more easily than other materials. Beautiful, natural appearance. Can be finished with transparent or semi-solid stain, giving it a range of colour variation. Economically priced.

Cons: Higher maintenance, meaning high long-term cost. Susceptible to rot & may have problems with warpage.


Aluminum is an attractive, lightweight alternative compared to other kinds of metal fencing. It tends to be one of the most affordable metal fences and it’s durable, which means less costs for upkeep.

Pros: Strong. Long lasting. Visually diverse & widely available. Doesn’t rust.

Cons: Not as strong as iron. More expensive than wood and chain-link.


An all-time favourite, chain-link fencing can be used in gardens, sports courts, dog areas, as well as any area that requires a temporary fence or boundary. Although it’s not the most attractive option, it is highly customizable. For example, thicker galvanization make chain-link fencing more resistant to rust and corrosion.

Pros: Strong, long-lasting, affordable, quick to install

Cons: plain, customization required for privacy

When you’ve decided what kind of fence you’re looking for, visit or call us at (604) 345-5145 for a customized quote. We look forward to chatting with you