Vancouver Fence Installation: Choosing the Best Fence for a Yard

As a Vancouver fence company, the team members at QS Fencing knows that different types of fences all have their pros and cons. It’s important to make an informed decision before selecting a fence for a yard—one that fits with your property, family, and lifestyle. For example, is it meant to keep kids and pets contained? Increase privacy? Boost property value through curb appeal? How much will it cost to maintain? Repair? Replace?

When choosing a fence, it’s important to prioritize your needs. A person who wants a view-blocking privacy fence might need to compromise with a beautiful residential picket-style fence if the objective is to boost curb appeal. Another terrific option could be an aluminum fence, which gives a yard a classy, open look.

If containment is your main concern, then specifications become more important than type. Any find of fence provides an effective barrier, but you’ll need to build it with containment in mind. For example, if you’re tying to protect children or pets, you’ll need to consider jumping, climbing, or digging and make sure you’ve got a structure that can foil such attempts.

Another important consideration is that every fence is going to require maintenance. But how much and how often varies greatly. Wooden fences require the most regular maintenance due to the need for regular repainting or staining, especially in a climate like Vancouver’s. Aluminum or vinyl fencing requires less upkeep, which makes those fence options more appealing, but repairing or replacing a section of vinyl or aluminum can be more expensive.

While it’s possible to install a fence as a DIY project, the process often requires special tools combined with a lot of time and effort. Hiring a professional might be the most cost-effective (and hassle-free) approach. But always check the company’s licensing status and references, and make sure they secure all the necessary permits.

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