Vancouver Fence Installer Shares Three Tips for Safe and Professional Fence Installation

QS Fencing Ltd specializes in Vancouver fence installation.  As a company, our team members understand the appeal of DIY installation. Not only does it save a few bucks, it can also provide a sense of personal accomplishment and some exercise in the process. However, without a plan, fence installation can result in serious problems that can quickly make DIY jobs more trouble than they’re worth. Here are a few things to consider before getting started.

Cutting Underground Cables – Remember the “Call Before You Dig” ads on TV and radio? That wasn’t just for kicks. Disturbing the ground in any way runs the risk of cutting into an underground service with potential damage to property, disruption of a service, personal injury, or worse.

Before starting any project, contact BC One Call. Either log onto and select the province of BC, or dial 1 800 474-6886 no less than three working days before digging.

Manual or Auger? – The choice between digging manually or using an auger generally comes down to the length of a fence. If it’s over 30m-50m, the cost of the auger rental might be worthwhile compared to the extra time and effort required to manually dig the holes. How hard the soil is and whether it has lots of rocks and roots should also factor into decision making.

Concrete: Set wet or dry? – Generally, pre-mixing concrete before pouring it into the hole (a wet set) is better because it all dries evenly, which provides a better anchor for each post. However, a dry set (putting the post in the hole, then adding dry concrete and mixing water in afterwards) makes it easier to align the fence properly.

One helpful alternative is pre-digging the holes and having three or four sections of fence assembled and ready to go. Stand them up and place them in the pre-dug holes, then mix a few bags of concrete at once instead of one bag for each post. This will save time and keep things looking even.

For professional Vancouver fence installation, QS Fencing offers hassle-free service for all kinds of metal fencing. Gate installation and fence repair are also available. Learn more about the stylish and modern metal picket and how we can help you find the right product to suit your property and budget.

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