Why We Use Powder Coating for Metal Fences in Vancouver BC



Why we use Powder Coating vs Liquid Painting

At QS Fencing Ltd, our first concern is always quality and integrity of our products and our services — that’s the over-arching reason why powder-coating is the fence paint of choice for us. If you don’t know about QS Fencing Ltd, we’re a Vancouver BC fencing company that specializes in metal fences and we also provide painting and coating services for metal fences including chain-link fences, aluminum fences, gates, and railings; steel fences, gates, railings; and more. In terms of quality, durability is a big reason we opt for powder coating rather than liquid fence paint.

Does Powder Coating Cost more than Liquid Painting?

This is a common misconception, the truth is powder coating costs less than liquid painting for most cases. While powder coating may cost more upfront than liquid painting, it starts to pay off around the 3 to 5 year mark, when liquid paint starts to show its age and requires repainting.

You can expect a powder coated metal fence to last 20 years before repainting, when properly looked after. With typical fence paint for outdoors, the same fence would require repainting around every 3 to 5 years. When you multiply re-painting costs out over the lifetime of the fence, it’ll cost you more to go with a liquid fence painting service vs powder coating.

A Better Coating with More Corrosion Protection

Because powder coating is baked on, it’s adhesion is superior and it is far more durable than liquid paint. That makes it more scratch and chip resistant and generally more corrosion protectant.

Looks better over time too. Because it’s a more durable finish, powder-coated fences also retain that new-paint-look far longer than liquid paint.

Ideal for Hand Railings and High-Traffic

Because of it’s superior adhesion and durability, powder coating is ideal for hand railings and high traffic and commercial fences. It’s also the best coating for wrought iron fences as it lowers the risk of having the paint chip and leaving the iron exposed to the elements.

Which Power Coating Paint Colours are Available?

There are hundreds of standard paint colours available and we provide colour matching and custom colours too. We encourage you to call for assistance in picking your colour or matching a colour with your existing architectural design. Some colours can be more expensive than others depending on the pigments and customs colours may cost more as well.

Re-paint Your Old Metal Fence

Our powder coating service includes new and old fences. For repainting existing fences, gates, and railings, simply give us a call. Our fencing company will professionally service your metal fence, including taking it to the shop for powder-coating and reinstalling it.

If you are looking to have a new fence installed or to repaint your metal fence in the Greater Vancouver Area, give QS Fencing Ltd. a call for a free quote and the best service anywhere!

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