What are the differences between commercial fencing and residential fencing?

Choosing to provide security and privacy for your business or home, installing a fence it’s paramount. A fence will add value to your property, enhancing your landscape, and give you protection and peace of mind having your family or your business secure.

Following, you will find the differences between commercial fencing and residential fencing projects.

Purpose of fencing your property

When it comes to fencing, the main purpose can be different between commercial clients and residential clients. Homeowners usually look for increase security for their property, taking into consideration the aesthetics of their home.

On the other hand, commercial clients are more concerned about enhancing even more the security and privacy of the business, keeping intruders away from entering their properties. Which makes the curb appeal a secondary focus.


The material of the fence also distinguishes commercial and residential fences. It’s very common the use of chain link fences in commercial properties. The basic fence is galvanized coated if the possibility to be colored vinyl coated, durable, and easy to install. Usually, it’s the most affordable option, which brings the cost-benefit to the top-level, providing a lasting and robust fence.

The residential properties usually choose picket fences once it’s an excellent fence option as a decorative or ornamental fence that adds curb appeal to the home. Often, you will see the picket fence along the perimeter of the yard, blocking the view of intruders, protecting your family and pets, and still adding curb appeal to the property.

Fence Installation Price

Commercial fence installation generally is more expensive than residential fencing. The quality and types of materials used to build the fence and the size of fencing can determine the installation price. Even though some choices might be more expensive, most of the time, they also provide low maintenance and a much longer lifespan, avoiding extra costs in the next few years.

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