How your fence can be part of your gardening project

Spring is right around the corner, and people are counting down the days for the blossom season. It is also a great time to start your gardening project, and include your fence in your backyard landscape can be a great opportunity.

You can enhance the appeal of your backyard by growing some plants on your fence. Many different plant varieties can ideally grow up and across a fence surface, bringing more life and beauty to your home. 

Following, you can check some plant species which adapt well to the fence without overloading or pressuring your fence, causing future damages and headaches with maintenance. 

Wisteria can enhance your fence aesthetic

Wisteria is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend many hours gardening or giving regular maintenance in the plant. This plant provides a beautiful floral display when grown on a fence. Besides the beauty, the cascading clusters of blue to purple flowers spell a great natural aroma. 

This plant is excellent to grow in a more robust type of fence such as a picket fence, once it’s quite heavy. Before planting, make sure to check the conditions of your fence and if it can hold up the plant. 

Trumpet Vine

For a vivid and full of energy backyard, trumpet vine can be your choice. This plant attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. To bring beauty and live to your home, you should consider planting the trumpet vine in your fence. 

This species is a fast-growing one, so if you have in mind to cover your fence with plants, this one might do a great job covering quickly.

Vancouver QS Fencing can help to enhance your property landscape 

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