We Specialize in Steel Bollard Installations and Repairs for Greater Vancouver

At QS Fencing we install a lot of metal poles anchored in concrete for clients across Greater Vancouver. A specialized heavy duty application that’s used to protect and prevent damage is commonly referred to as a “Protective Bollard” or “Safety Bollard.“yellow bollards Vancouver

Protective Bollards

Protective Bollards are designed to protect utilities, electrical boxes, equipment, buildings, and people from vehicles and traffic. They are used in many common outdoor applications such as traffic control in parking lots, around gates, through roads and driveways, and  near buildings to protect structures, doorways, and equipment.

Indoor Saftey Bollards

Safety Bollards are also used in many indoor applications such as underground parking lots, Galvanized Chain Link Fence with Protective Bollardwarehouses, and plants where  cars, forklifts, machinery, and other applications call for impact secure perimeters and safety protocols.

Made with structural grade steel and set in concrete, or anchored onto concrete. Specially designed protective bollards can offer a significant amount of physical protection from high-impact vehicle collisions.

While bollards excel in utilitarian appeal, we offer factory powder coated paint finishes to match your architectural design, aesthetic, or safety considerations.  In some cases, you may want a safety yellow and in other cases you might opt for red, or white, or grey.

For personalized aesthetic appeal and a custom look, we can also make decorative metal bollards. Such applications may sacrifice some protection or function for the form, so be sure to consult with our bollard experts when evaluating your options.

Repairs on bollards are common as they are typically installed in rather ideal locations for collisions, the upshot is that our bollard repair team can relatively quickly and affordably repair a damaged bollard on site — whereas the structure or equipment the bollard protected would likely require considerably more time and cost to repair or replace.

Common Applications of Steel Bollards


Leisure Parks

Fire Access Lanes

Building Setbacks

Traffic Medians

Site Perimeters





Sports Fields

Mall Doors and Hallways

Controlling Traffic Gates

Protecting Landscapes


Site Utilities

Bus Stops

Bicycle Lanes

Store Fronts

Building Hardening

Vehicle Parking

Site Access Control

Site Surveillance

Vehicle Pick-Up

Toll Booths


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