Fences for Schools: What to Consider and How to Choose the Best Options

Those who work in the area of ​​educational management are well aware of the need to invest in security. Especially in a face-to-face back-to-school context, providing a safe and comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff should be a top priority. Among the many protective measures, choosing the best school fence can be a big challenge, especially when you have very diverse spaces.

To help you ensure the safety of students, staff and employees, let’s talk about what to consider when choosing a fencing solution for each environment in your school.

School Fence: How to Choose the Best Solution for Each Area?

1. Facade and Parking Lots

To protect the school facade, it is necessary to think about high durability and aesthetic combination. Because it is an external environment, the ideal is to choose fences with high resistance to rain, sunlight and sea air (if necessary).

In addition, these fences must align with the school’s visual identity to convey the image of a reputable and trustworthy institution. The same goes for parking lots, which often end up being outdoors as well.

2. Playground

The playground is a really fun area, especially for young children. However, for the play time to be safe, it is necessary to invest in adequate protection. Tall attractions require safety protection screens. It is worth noting that it is important to fence the entire playground to limit access without proper supervision. Thus, you prevent accidents with the little ones and avoid the entry of students outside the allowed age group.

The same goes for swimming pools, if any. Regardless of the depth, children cannot be left near the pool without proper supervision. In the case of schools, usually an adult is responsible for several children, which calls for even stricter care. To avoid accidents and unauthorized dives, the ideal is to isolate the environment with fences at least 1.50 m high and use a locked gate to limit access.

3. Courts

Choosing the ideal protection for the sports area requires thinking about each modality practiced in the place. Courts and gyms, for example, require protection that makes it difficult for balls to be sent out of the playing area. Another important point is the protection of spectators, after all, no one wants to be hit by accident. For this type of space, the ideal solution is the chainlink fence, which allows you to create a more personalized layout for the sports facilities.

Three School Fence Solutions

Discover three QS Fencing solutions to protect your school spaces.

1. Classic Chainlink Fences

One of the best options when it comes to easy-to-install, sturdy and durable fences, chainlink fences have yet another plus point. The most basic version of this type of fencing is just galvanized, but they can also be made in a huge variety of colors, such as green, black, brown, blue, white… And this is especially interesting when we talk about schools, since different colors can be used to demarcate areas intended for each age group or activity.

2. Steel Gate and Fences

Steel fences and gates are durable, resistant and widely used to delimit the perimeter of a plot. Therefore, they can be good options for schools as well, since it is possible to choose gates for different needs, whether for cars or pedestrians.

3. Railing

Another option that may be interesting for schools is aluminum railing, capable of guaranteeing more safety for a series of spaces, preventing people who walk there from getting hurt or falling. This is an option that can be used on decks, patios, balconies, stairs and even around pools.

Fences for Schools in Vancouver

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