Vancouver Chain-Link Fence vs. Wood: Which is More Cost Effective?

As a company that specializes in building and repairing commercial fences in Vancouver, chain-link installation is a specialty at QS Fencing Ltd.

Inevitably, when business owners are considering fencing installation, price always comes up. The most popular alternative to metal fencing is wood, but this is seldom a practical choice for commercial applications.

Chain-link Fence vs. Wood Fencing – Which is More Cost Effective?

Most people assume that a wood fence is a cheaper option compared to metal, but this isn’t true when it comes to installing chain-link fences. Wood tends to be more difficult and labour-intensive during the building process because it has to be put up panel-by-panel. By contrast, chain-link comes in convenient pre-made interlocking sections, which really helps to keep the costs down.

In terms of costs for raw materials, however, wood is often the more cost-effective option. Of course, other factors must be taken into account. For example, the time and costs required for maintenance and repair of wood fences must be factored in, especially in a climate like Vancouver’s. 

Wood simply doesn’t stand up to a damp climate. And while the panels tend to be easy to repair and replace, chain-link is still a better option for businesses. Even the basic model is galvanized coated, which offers a rust-resistant option to wind and water. At best, a wood fence will last about 15 years before full replacement is required. Moreover, painting and sealing will be required on a regular basis. When treated with a vinyl coating, a good chain-link fence can last 20 years or more—and the maintenance will mostly consist of pruning the surrounding vegetation and hosing the fence down.

When it comes to commercial fencing solutions in Vancouver, chain-link fencing is a solution that’s tough to beat. For professional chain-link fence installation, QS Fencing offers a timely turnaround and affordable services.

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