Three Advantages of Automated Gates

Overall, when we talk about automated gates, people automatically picture a fancy house or a high-security industrial building and do not even consider having one in our own homes. But the truth is that having an automated gate in your property, you are enhancing security and bringing convenience to your life.

Whether you have a home, a rural property, a condo, or a company in downtown Vancouver, an automated gate might provide great convenience to you, besides to enhance the security of your property. Following, you can check more advantages that an automatic gate can provide to you.

Better Control

If you live in a condo or have a business building, an automated gate can improve the control of who is on your property at any given time. Through a passcode or card reader, you can quickly check who is in the building and provide you with more accurate information to control the access to the building.


Fall is upon us, and in Vancouver, it means the rainy days are back. With an automated gate, you can avoid all the rustle of pulling over, opening the gate, pulling in, and closing the gate before you hit the road. This scenario gets more annoying with the rain upon your head. Pressing a button, you can open the automated gate inside the comfort of your car.

Increase Curb Appeal

As we mentioned, an automated gate can enhance the curb appeal of your home. This also helps increase your property’s value once you add value to your home while improving the property design.  

At QS Fencing, we offer a variety of automated gates to choose from. Our team is well prepared to go through your project and assist you with the best solution for your property. We will help you customize your entrance gate and implement the best automated gate solution aligned with your budget and style.

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