Preparing your Fence for the Winter

As we are heading to the winter in Vancouver, it is the right time to assess your fence conditions to hold up the next harsh months ahead. It is paramount to check your fence’s condition to avoid any hustle when the weather is not great, being very cold and, most of the time, very wet.

Following, you can check what you need to look for in your fence while assessing for any repair.

Picket Fence in Vancouver

It is very common to find a picket fence in residential areas in Vancouver. Homeowners need to run a check around the perimeter to determine if the fence is in good shape and can hold up the winter.

Some things to keep an eye out for are mold, mildew, and wood rot. These are the most common and severe problems you can find in the picket fence. If you spot any of these in your fence, now it is the right time to call the fence experts in Vancouver to help you make the necessary repairs.

Maintenance of Aluminum Fence

Usually, aluminum fencing is practically maintenance-free. Due to its nature, this fence is lightweight and durable. With a powder coat finish, this fence can last years without any rotting, rusting, or repainting while holding a great curb appeal to your property.

However, you spot any sign of damage in the aluminum posts, rails, or spacers, and it might be a good idea to repair it now.

For any fence repair, maintenance, or a complete renovation of your property fence, you can count on our team of fencing experts in Vancouver. Our top priority is your satisfaction with our service and products, and we will help you find the best fence solution to suit your property and budget.

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