Mobile Fence for Dogs: Great option to ensure the safety of pets at home

The mobile dog fence is an excellent alternative for residents of houses or apartments that need a dedicated space for their pets. In addition to being a great option to delimit the space reserved for dogs, thus ensuring their safety, this type of product also has a pleasant aesthetic and all the versatility needed to be used in different spaces.

What is a mobile fence for dogs?

Basically, it’s a custom-made chain-link fence to delimit the space dedicated to the pets. But instead of being installed in a specific fixed location, it’s made of movable panels, so you can remove and store it if you’re not going to use it anymore.

As it is a type of movable fence, which can be ordered in the size you prefer, it is also a multipurpose fence. In other words, it can also be used for safety – such as preventing pets and babies from falling into the pool, for example.

Mobile Fencing Features and Main Benefits

As we mentioned before, the mobile dog fence is custom-made according to the needs of each customer and the space available in their homes. That is, it can be done to prevent the dog from going through a door, or even to create a delimited square of area where it can stay.

Typically, the type of material used is the chainlink galvanized coat, which is available in a range of colors. This is a material that, in addition to being resistant, takes up little space, can be stored very easily and applied in the most diverse types of rooms and houses.

Thanks to its electrostatic painting, the material is resistent to rust, easy to wash and has an extremely simple maintenance pattern.

If you are interested in the product and are looking for a solution to delimit the area where your pet can stay, please contact us. We have qualified professionals to help you with your needs.