7 tips for choosing a fence for your pool area

Having a swimming pool at home is an excellent option to enjoy moments of leisure, in addition to being an item that values ​​the property. But those who have children or pets must be extra careful and the installation of a protection fence is essential to avoid accidents.

With this simple solution it is possible to have a safe leisure area and guarantee peace of mind when the pool is not being used. Of course, no one wants the protective fence to devalue and take away the beauty of the pool. This item must offer security, compose the environment and be as discreet as possible. Here are some tips to choose the ideal fence for your pool.

1) Fixed or removable fence

There are two types of protection fence on the market: fixed and removable. When choosing, it is necessary to know if the objective is that the fence is permanently installed in place or that it can be placed and removed whenever desired. Fixed fences can be made from different materials such as aluminum, glass and wood. Removable fences are usually made of polyester mesh with a PVC coating and an aluminum frame.

2) Ease of installation

If you choose a removable fence, make sure it is easy to install and remove. Also check if it is possible to install a lockable gate on the fence to give access to the pool.

3) Adaptable to the pool design

Normally, even removable fences, which are prefabricated and follow a standard model, allow adaptation to the most varied pool models. It’s worth checking whether the style of the fence will adequately contour the area you want to protect, with no gaps left.

4) Resistant material

The material of the protection fence must be resistant and of high quality, without suffering major wear from the action of rain, sun and wind. It is very important that the price factor is not decisive when choosing the protection fence, as it is an investment for security.

5) Safety above all

In addition to the quality of the material, it is necessary to keep an eye on other details so that the fence offers the maximum protection possible. The height must be at least 1.50m. The structure must be fully enclosed and unsupported, which will not allow children and pets to climb the fence. The gate must have a safety lock, which cannot be opened by children.

6) Material that enhances the pool

Without leaving beauty aside, choose the material that best suits your leisure area and enhances your pool. If you choose a material that is not 100% transparent, such as clear glass, choose a translucent alternative or one with a certain degree of transparency. This is important not only so that you can enjoy the beauty of the pool, but also for safety reasons, so that you have an instant view of what is going on in this area.

7) Easy cleaning

Thinking about practicality, choose a fence with material that is easy to maintain and clean. After all, a dirty fence will devalue your pool. Depending on the material, check if there is anti-mildew treatment, as the fence will receive rain and suffer from moisture.

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