How to install an automatic driveway gate in Vancouver

More and more, we look for making our lives easier while giving us the necessary protection to keep our family safe. One practical solution that is getting more common in Vancouver properties is the adoption of an automatic gate.

driveway gate can increase your property’s value once you are equipping your home with a fence/gate, which can boost curb appeal while increasing your property’s security. Although it is a high investment compared to other fencing options, you may see your property value’s financial benefits.

Following, you can check how the gate automation works and what is necessary to install one.

To install a basic driveway gate automation, installing an automatic gate opener and a few access controls will be necessary. Without these elements, you will still need to get off your car to open your gate by hand.

Thus, a basic gate automation design might include:

  • Gate operator (motor)
  • Handheld remote-control transmitter (clickers)
  • Keypad and a communication system to give access to visitors
  • Exit sensor control to allow enough time to vehicles to move through the gate

Whichever is your electronic automatic gate need, the QS Fencing team in Vancouver is ready and fully trained to give you the best solution to your project. We can help you customize your entrance gate and implement the best automatic gate solution to suit your property and budget.

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