How to choose the right fence to stand the weather in Vancouver

In Vancouver, we need to be prepared for long wet months, and this will also affect your fence. A right fence should endure harsh conditions throughout the year, such as heat, rain, wind, and snow for a few days. Not all fence materials can keep its structural integrity in a different climate, especially here in Canada.

It is critical to understand the elements and how they can affect the fence structure before deciding for the one to your property that will last long, keeping its shape and form. Following, you can check what our fence experts in Vancouver have to explain the relationship between weather and fence material to help you make the boldest decision.

How the Sunlight can Interfere in your Fence

If you choose not to add coat protection to your fence, you can expect that your fence will fade over time due to the UV rays. This coat protection on chain link fence, for example, besides adding an extra layer of protection and improving the durability of the fence structure, also protects the structure against UV rays, keeping the fence structure and shape.

Which Fence Holds Better the Rain

Raincouver, or Vancouver, is famous for the considerable amount of rain during the autumn and winter. In this case, the main concern for you in your fence project is to find the right material with waterproof treatment. For example, wood is especially sensitive to moisture changes and very susceptible to mold, getting to a point to rot.

To choose an aluminum or steel fence might be the best choice to embrace the long wet months. Besides the durability of these materials, you can count with the versatility to design the fence to match your property style, providing a greater curb appeal to your house.

Regardless of the weather, QS Fencing in Vancouver has various fences built with strong materials and finishes that can withstand the natural elements. Most importantly, our team is well trained to install the fences, making the difference to your fence project last longer.

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