How to Dog Proof a Chain Link Fence with Privacy Slats

We love our dogs like we love our children at QS Fencing, and any dog with a loving home in Greater Vancouver is a lucky dog as we have so many great dog parks, dog stores, and dog services available.

One of the best things about having a fenced yard for your dog is that it’s a secure and safe place for your little pup to run, romp, and doodle around like it was born to do. But if your fence is not dog-proof, then you’ll need to supervise any outdoor play and be on-guard as if you don’t have a fence at all.

If you have a dog who likes to dig around the fence; or a pup with a talent for climbing, or high-jump; or one that might be tempted to make a great escape (a concern for all un-spayed or neutered dogs), then you need to ensure you have a dog-proof fence before you can consider leaving Mr. Snuggle Face out in the yard unattended.

In this post we cover one of the simplest solutions in pet proofing your fence, later we will look at more complex additions and recommendations including redundant fencing, top guards for dogs, the best types of chain-link fences and gates, and more, to help to ensure your fence is furry friendly and secure.

Chain Link Privacy Slats

Privacy slats can be added to chain-link fences and gates to help solve some canine reactivity issues such as excessive barking, anxiety, fear, and stress by reducing the visual stimulus and creating a more visual barrier. Like crating you dog, privacy slats may help your dog feel more safe and secure, removing fear, which is a common root cause of a number of these unwanted behaviors.

Dogs are naturally reactive, if you have a dog that looses it’s cool every time it sees a stranger in the distance, privacy slats are great suggestion.

Slats won’t secure your fence against escape artists like the diggers, jumpers, or climbers, but it may be a relatively simple way to help keep Mr. Dog’s boofing a bay!

Stay tuned for parts two and three of dog proofing your fence where we address the dedicated diggers, high jumpers, fence climbers, as well as why you may want to install redundant fencing!

Need Your Fence Dog-Proofed in Vancouver?

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We can advise you based on your specific needs as well as provide a free estimate for the installation costs including the cost of additional controls that we would recommend.