How Fence Installation in your property can keep your pets protected from wildlife in Vancouver

The Great Vancouver area is known for its natural beauty and remarkable landscapes. Most of this nature and wildlife are stunning views from many backyards. In addition to the beauty and fresh air, wild animals such as cougars, coyotes, skunks, and raccoons might be frequent visitors. For this reason, it is necessary to think in ways to protect your pets from potentially wildlife animals’ presence. 

QS Fencing, a specialized company in fence installation in Vancouver area, is ready to help you to find the best solution for keeping intruders animals away from your property. Some of the solutions in avoiding unwanted interactions are to build a steel fence

Due to the quality of the material, a steel fence will help to protect your pets against big animals such as coyotes, and cougars. Developing a structure with a reasonable height and sufficient ground to bury the poles will discourage wild animals to trespass by jumping, squeezing between the poles or digging the ground.  

By protecting your property, you can avoid the presence of coyotes that are natural predators of dogs, cats, and other small pets such as hamsters, and guinea pig. But berries and other fruits and vegetables also attract them. 

Be prepared for undesired meetings with wildlife it might be useful, besides to take action by protecting your backyard with an adequate fence. Thus, avoid walking with your dog in the dawn and dusk – these are the usual time that coyotes go for a walk. Moreover, keep your dog on a leash and not that far from your view. However, if you encounter a coyote in your walk, avoid contact, and try to make yourself more prominent by standing on something, demonstrating some danger for it. 

However, if you find out that your property is a regular place where raccoons visit, a picket fence might solve your problem. With a stylish and distinguish fence, our experts in fence installation can provide a unique fence for you structuring proper spaced vertical boards (the pickets) attached to horizontal rails and posts to hold the fence up. 

Raccoons are not looking for a fight or hunt, but if they feel threatened, they might be very aggressive and hurt your beloved pet. To help to avoid them in your backyard, keep your pet food inside, not exposure to the weather when raccoons can approach looking for food. Moreover, keep your trash containers lids closed to avoid raccoons going to the trash and making a mess in your yard. Finally, if you find a raccoon in your property, do not chase it because it might feel threatened and encouraged to attack you to protect itself. 

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