Discover the best fence solution for your property

Fencing your property is a solution to protect your privacy, your family, pets, and create boundaries to avoid any intruder. QS Fencing is a Vancouver fence installation company specialized in providing the best solutions regarding fence aligned with your needs and budget. 

Each property and family have their own style and personality, and fencing installation should follow and complement the home style. This is the reason why our team is highly skilled to understand your needs and offer the best solution of each type of fence might suit best for your project. 

There are many types of fencing, each one providing specific benefits to limit the perimeter of your house. Let’s take a look in the differences of each fence. 

Chain Link Fence

The chain-link fence is a model of fencing very strong and easy to install. This fence is the one most common and required by the customers due to the resistance of the material and long lasting in great condition. In addition, the chain link fence is one of the most affordable models, providing a considerable cost-benefit.

The basic model of chain link fence is galvanized coated; however, you can make it more personalized and stylish by choosing one color from various options of colored vinyl coated. You can choose among the colors such as green, black, brown, blue or white at QS Fencing.

Aluminum Fences

Another type of fencing that QS Fencing offers is the aluminum fencing. This kind of fencing is a great acquisition for those who do not want to think about maintenance due to the quality of the material which makes the fence durable and lightweight. 

An aluminum fence is appropriate for sundeck, balconies, pools areas, or staircases marking the perimeter effectively around these areas. Moreover, this fence can provide a useful curb appeal to your home by enhancing the front of your property or driveway.

Steel Fences

Another largely choice from customers is the steel fence and steel gate. The quality and affordability of this fence call the attention and the preference of homeowners looking for solutions to protect their properties. 

Another large use of steel is for gates. Building managers usually choose the steel gate to protect garages, for example. The quality of the steel provides a safe, durable, and resistant gateway, bringing more safety to the property. 

As a Vancouver fencing installation company, the number one concern at QS Fencing is our customers satisfaction with our products, our solutions and service. Give us a call at (604) 777-3057 to speak with us about your new fence and the best solution for you. You can also send us an email at to get a free estimate.