Chain Link Fence Maintenance Guide

Among the different kinds of fences, the chain link usually ranks high in the choice podium. Its durability, practicality, and low maintenance are some of the reasons why this fence is a top choice among homeowners.

Even though this fence is one of the best regarding cost-benefit, it is worthy of knowing how to maintain the chain-link fence in good shape and avoid high costs with repairs in the future.

Inspecting your Chain Link Fence

It is very important to recognize the condition of the chain link fencing around your property to avoid further damage and, consequently, costs. The chain link fence is made from steel wire, and for its nature, it is susceptible to rust. To avoid this problem, QS Fencing in Vancouver offers a galvanized coated option, which you can also choose among a variety of coloured vinyl coated like green, black-brown, blue, or white.

The diamond shape of the chain helps prevent rain or moisture from accumulating and accelerating the rusting process, allowing the rain to slide off the links. This characteristic enables the chain link fence to last longer, taking many years for the rainfall to erode a fence like this.

Another thing to look at in your fence is for any vegetation climbing it. Growth of ferns, roots, some types of flowering plants, and ivy, as years pass by, can damage your chain link fence, and for this reason is worthy to keep a regular maintenance to avoid them.

Fence Repairs

Despite all the maintenance care of your fencing, depending on how long the chain link fence was installed, it might require some repairs to keep your property’s shape and appeal. Whether you have a new fencing project or just need a hand to make some repairs, you can count on our fence experts team in Vancouver to support you.Get in touch with our team at (604) 777-3057 to talk with one of our experts, or send us an email at to get a free estimate.