Fencing Company in Surrey: How to Choose Chainlink Fencing Solutions for Farms

In the rural area, it is possible to have various types of fencing solutions installed – it all depends on how the property is organized. First of all, it is necessary to delimit borders – then to protect animals, take care of crops and also guarantee the comfort and safety of people. An indisputable fact is that the fencing in these places needs to be of quality and properly installed to ensure its efficiency.

In this text, you will learn about some ways to choose the best fencing solution for your farm or rural property. Keep reading!

Farm Chainlink Fencing in Surrey

The first application that can be given to fencing on a farm is the division of properties. Fences are necessary to delimit the boundaries of the farm and help protect the site from invaders.

Another very common function – and for which there is an extreme need – is to delimit the space for animals. The fencing of animals is done to protect them, the people around them and also as a form of organization and help in the control processes over them.

Chainlink fencing is also applied on farms in plantations acting as a form of protection for the crop and also ordinance for farmers. Bypassing lakes, ponds and other places that need to be isolated is another function of fencing in rural areas.

Examples of Chainlink Fencing for Rural Areas

To fulfill all these functions, different types of fencing are required. Check now which are the most used and recommended fencing for use on farms.

1. Property Fencing

It is important to fence the surroundings of your property to keep your animals, equipment, crops and the people who live and work there protected. In addition, the fences serve to prevent invasions. Among the most used models are the classic chain link fences, as they are practical, resistant, durable and practically maintenance free. Depending on the case, barbed wire can also be used.

2. Fencing for cattle

Chain link fences are also suitable for these areas, especially if the terrain is flat (it means there is not going to be much change in the direction of the fence). Considered quite resistant, this fence is the best option for robust and aggressive animals.

A barbed wire fence, on the other hand, can be the best option for terrain with many slopes or obstacles (such as trees or large rocks), as it does not require a complex structure of support poles. It is suitable for more docile animals.

3. Fencing for Goats and Sheeps

Raising smaller animals requires much more care than raising larger ones, such as cattle, for example. The fencing for these must be designed to prevent them from escaping and to prevent the entry of natural predators, especially if your rural property is close to forested regions.

It is clear that barbed wire will not work for this type of creation. Animals will run away or get hurt trying to do so. To raise smaller animals, it is essential to pay attention to the distance between the wires, that is, you need a galvanized chain link fence, but with smaller spaces between the wires. As this type of animal also tends to jump, it is also interesting to invest in taller models.

4. Poultry and Swine

For this category of animals, the same reasoning as above is valid, that is, the best option is chain link fences with smaller spaces between the wires. The difference is that to raise chickens you also need taller fences – both to keep animals from flying away and to discourage invading animals. In case of greater proximity to dense forests, it is possible that you will also need a roof (made with the same material as the fences). For pigs, low fences are usually sufficient.

5. Fencing for Plantations

Inside farms, plants also need to be safe. It is important to fence your crops to protect them from animal attack and to prevent them from being damaged by human actions. In addition, fencing helps in the organization of crops. You can choose chain link fences with less spacing between the wires, as well as those indicated for small animals and birds.

Chain Link Fences in Surrey

If you have a rural property and are in need of fencing solutions to organize work and protect animals and people, please contact us. Our professionals are trained to assess each situation and suggest the best models to prioritize safety.Contact us for installing chainlink fencing in Surrey.