How to Choose the Best Surrey Fencing Company for Your Needs

In order to choose the best Surrey fencing company for your needs, you must see if the company’s promises resonate with your priorities. Here are some basic promises of any good fencing company in Surrey.

1. “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.”

Can you recall where you might have heard this promise before? It’s not by an ancient Chinese saint and definitely not by any European dictator.

For those of you whose memory went raking through history notes and philosophy books, the good news is that these words of wisdom are actually the business mantra of QS Fencing Ltd.,  a Surrey fencing company that believes that quality occurs in totality and consistency so that you can get the best quality every time you make a purchase with the company.

2. “We Have a Rich Business Legacy”

While we read the biographies of charismatic CEO’s and revolutionary businessmen, most of us tend not to pay attention to the history of our neighborhood businesses. One such example of a company with a profound business legacy is QS Fencing Ltd..

As a family business enterprise, this Surrey fencing company has blossomed over its 10 years of operations in the Vancouver area. What’s so special about being a family business, you ask? Well, the business is the heart and soul of the family and that translates into stellar customer service for you!

3.  “ We Have Highly Qualified Employees”

Security and fencing go hand in hand, and who can give the best security except highly qualified staff and managers? As a result, apart from having over 10 years of experience in the field of fencing and other metal works, QS Fencing Ltd. is licensed and insured. Not only that; all its employees are  WCB insured as well.

Moreover, QS Fencing Ltd. is an accredited business on BBB Vancouver so you can be sure your fencing projects are in the right hands.

4.  “We Provide a Multitude of Services 24/7”

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed immediate service from a company but couldn’t because the staff was too busy?

Here’s the thing: QS Fencing Ltd. provides 24/7 emergency fencing repairs and installations for all Vancouver lower mainland clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a private or a commercial customer; this Surrey Fencing Company does emergency fencing repairs and fencing, gate and railing installations on a moment’s notice.

You can also log on to for free estimates! Pretty amazing, huh?

Contact QS Fencing Ltd. online anytime for pricing and free estimates. Or call us at (604) 345 5145 to inquire about any of our products and services, including HandrailsAutomated GatesPicket FencesChain Link Fence,  Steel and Aluminum fencesBollards and Manual Gates.