3 Reasons to Install a Bollard

A bollard is a short vertical post used to control road traffic. They are used to both enhance visual aesthetics while also providing a visual and physical barrier to control traffic and safety. Here are three reasons why you should install a bollard:

Visual Aesthetics

Decorative bollards can improve the visual aesthetics of your landscape by introducing a new addition to your driveway. Speak to one of our fencing professionals to help you get an estimate and opinion on what style of bollard works for you. This may depend on whether your property is a private home or commercial property.

Traffic ManagementVancouver Bollards

Bollards can act as a helpful visual cue for traffic management, to allow drivers to know where to go and where not to go. They can provide clear indication of pathways that are not accessible by car by physically blocking the path, but still allow bikers and pedestrians to enter if need be.

Collision Protection

Some bollards are made from materials stronger than others. Our strongest bollards, for example, are made to withstand high-impact vehicle collision. Perhaps your property is near heavy traffic roads or is vulnerable to theft: If your property is prone to any vehicle damage, you may consider installing a bollard for the protection of your property.

Family-Run Vancouver Bollard Company

Bollards are easy to install and we can help you find the right bollard that works for you. We also offer hassle free bollard installation repair services. Contact QS Fencing to install your bollard today!