Window protection fences: When is it worth installing them?

Our home is one of the places we should feel the safest. It is in this space that family ties are strengthened and that we share life with the people we love. One way to ensure care and safety is to install protection on the windows.

In addition to being a great way to keep children and pets safe, a protected window prevents accidents and your home is less vulnerable. To help you protect your home, we made this article and we’ll explain more about window protection and its benefits. Good reading!

Is it important to add protection to windows?

Yes! It’s important – but it all depends on your lifestyle. If your home has large windows, which can easily be reached by children or pets, or even pose a danger to the elderly, then adding window fences is essential. Furthermore, if your windows are close to the street, you still protect your property from possible intruders.

The positioning and size of the window

The size of windows can vary depending on the project and the size of the house. In the case of buildings, the windows have a standardized location and sizes, which makes it easier when installing the protection.

In the case of properties that are being built, those responsible for the plant need to pay attention to the surroundings of the property, the proximity of the window to the street, movement of people in the area and even use the other properties in the region as a base. In this way, the property is safe from its creation.

The size of the window is also a factor that should receive your due attention. Windows are great for air circulation and lighting, but they shouldn’t offer advantages for those outside the house. For example, it is ideal that those inside can see the movement of the street, but it is not recommended that those passing in front of the property see movement from the inside.

All these details influence the type of window protection, installation and material of the fences. So, check all these details before buying your screen or designing your property, so it’s even easier to decide on your protection.

Nets or grids?

One of the big questions is about the material and the difference between nets or grids. In terms of security, both options protect windows and other spaces such as balconies, but each has its own peculiarity.

Silicone or nylon protection nets are widely used in buildings, especially on higher floors. They are usually installed to avoid serious accidents, but because they are made of a more fragile material, they can be easily cut with scissors or knives. Therefore, if you have a child at home, it is ideal to analyze whether this is the best window protection.

Welded grids or screens, on the other hand, are much more resistant to sharp objects and also have greater durability. With much stronger materials, its installation is very easy and ensures that small animals like cats, rabbits and others stay indoors!

Choosing protection for your window requires thinking about your entire property, evaluating all of the items we’ve mentioned and any other concerns you may have. Think of a material that meets all your expectations, lasts and, of course, protects your home as a whole. If you choose welded grids, we at QSFences can help you find the best options for your case. Click here to request a quote.