The Challenges of Aluminum Fence Repair

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while you’re going to need to repair an aluminum fence. While aluminum generally makes a durable and sturdy fencing material, damage from storms, accidents, or even gradual wear and tear, can eventually mandate a little TLC. As a Vancouver fence repair and installation company, we’ve attempted to explain what homeowners could face when attempting to repair an aluminum fence. Generally, this is not a simple task, so we recommend calling in the professionals.


The Railing


There’s more to replacing a railing than simply unscrewing the ends of the posts. Screws are often hidden and hard to get at without causing further damage to the post, or the screws might be rusted and refuse to come out (the fence might be aluminum and rust proof, but the screws probably aren’t!) Also, some types of fencing require loosening a post to remove and replace a rail.


The Fence Posts


Posts provide support and keep the fence standing straight and even. Most posts are installed by pouring cement around the post underground. But what happens if it starts to sag? Pounding a piece of wood beside the post to keep it from wobbling is a temporary fix. But correcting the problem means understanding its source. Has an accident pushed the post out of place? Does it require replacement? If replacement is necessary, the post will need to be anchored with a specific type and consistency of cement. This is important to ensure it doesn’t crack and destabilize your fence again. A fence repair specialists will have access to the right tools, materials, and knowledge to complete the job in a timely and professional manner.


The Paint


Try to order a replacement part from a different fencing manufacturer, and you’ll quickly realize how many different shades of a colour exist. Paining is often a necessary evil when it comes to fencing repair, and unfortunately this isn’t as easy as whipping out the brush or roller. You’ll need to prepare the surface by removing any loose particles and then applying a primer. Without the right experience, bubbles or streaking may occur, ruining the aesthetic of your fence.


Before even attempting to repair an aluminum fence, it’s important to understand how the fence was made and who manufactured it. When acquiring new parts, small differences in manufacturing design can lead to weirdly disjointed results. it’s always best to contact an industry professional who can provide the services and parts necessary for beautiful, long lasting results.


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