Tips for Getting Rid of an Old Fence

Highly Useful Tips for Getting Rid of an Old Fence

At QS Fencing Ltd. in Surrey BC we hear a lot from many people who are downright sick of the old and ailing fence in their garden. The rotting wood, peeling paint and broken pickets can not only hamper the curb appeal of your property, but may also greatly reduce the price of your otherwise beautiful home. Even though it is very enticing to just pop out your hammer and gloves and tear it off, here are some highly useful tips for getting rid of that old fence without creating further problems for yourself:

  • Make sure you own it

As a good homeowner, you need to think twice before making any changes to your property. If your fence has been standing there before you bought the house, it is perhaps worth wondering if you really do own the old thing.

Experts at our fencing company in Surrey BC, QS Fencing Ltd., will note that some homeowners make the mistake of tearing down a fence that actually belongs to their neighbors, leading to legal and reputation costs.

  • Talk to your neighbors in Surrey

The best option is to have a chat with your neighbor and ask them if they would like to get rid of the fence so that you can install yours. They would surely agree to this proposition as a new fence would lead to a more beautiful home for you and your neighbor. Thus, hiring a good fencing company for installing the new fence would lead to mutual benefit for both parties.

  • Don’t mess up the utility lines

You say your fence has been standing there for quite some time, right? So, before you try to dig out the posts from inside the ground, be careful not to mess with the underlying utility lines. QS Fencing Ltd. experts say it is advisable to seek clearance from your local utility companies before you make any changes to your fences, as the last thing you want is to get fined because you soiled the phone lines of half the neighborhood.

  • Hire a professional

Fence posts are anchored in the ground using concrete and gravel. Unless you are super confident of your ability to remove them without harming yourself and our property, you should call up an affordable and diligent fencing company, Surrey and explain your fencing needs to them. QS Fencing Ltd., for example, provides quick and robust fence installations and repair.

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