Practical tips for setting up your garden in the backyard

Having a vegetable garden in the backyard can seem very laborious and complicated, especially for those who do not have much space at home. However, it is increasingly common to grow herbs, plants and vegetables in small places and, contrary to popular belief, it is very simple to make your own garden. We have separated some tips and suggestions to help people who want to plant at home and have no idea how to start.

Backyard vegetable garden: evaluate your space

To begin, assess the space you have available and what the weather conditions are like. There are herbs and vegetables that require direct sunlight, others do not, as well as some that should be planted at certain times of the year. Make a list of what you would like to plant and see if it meets your light and temperature conditions. If so, great!

Prepare the site

After the species to be planted have been chosen, make sure that the place that will house the garden is clean, without garbage or construction material. The land on the site must also be of good quality, enriched with fertilizer (prefer the ecological versions).

After that, buy seeds or seedlings. If you have neighbors, friends or family members who already have their gardens, take the time to order some seedlings for them as well. If you are going to plant the seeds, it may be easier to plant them in small pots first and then transplant the seedlings to the ground – so you have more control over plant growth. Larger seedlings can be planted directly in the soil.

Remember that vegetables, herbs and spices, for the most part, require constant watering. In addition, it is important to fertilize your plants from time to time. There are a number of fertilizers available on the market today, but give preference to organic and ecological versions geared to the type of seed you have planted. This is important because you and your family will probably eat the fruits of this garden, so keep it green, keep it organic!

Check your fences

Finally, a detail that makes a difference. Don’t forget to check that the backyard fences are in good condition. This helps to prevent unwanted visits like animals that can ruin your garden. Our team of fence experts at QS Fencing is ready to help you with any issue regarding your fence. Give us a call at (604) 777-3057 to talk with our team or send us an email at to get a high qualified professional solution for your fence.