How to Prepare Your Backyard for the Spring

It is time to give the backyard a thorough cleaning as the weather is much better, and most of the flowers had sprung and now are giving place to beautiful trees. To keep a regular maintenance habit of your exterior areas, such as your fence, patio, and deck, helps them to last longer in very good shape. Thus, sparing a weekend to clean up your backyard is a great strategy to keep on check any necessary repairs in your fence to keep your space safe for your family.

Inspect your Fence for Damage

Before starting the hard work of moving things around and cleaning, take time to walk through your backyard. Take a look at all your fence and inspect for signs of damage such as broken pallets, wobbly boards, rotting areas along the fence, and take note as a list of necessary repairs or improvements. If you find your fence is leaning or feels loose in the ground, you can call a fence expert to check the conditions and help you out with the repairs or replacement.

To repair minor areas in the earlier stages will save you time and money down the road when the problems can be bigger and costly.

Check the Drains

Spring is a beautiful season, and all the changes in the landscape with trees and plants growing and changing leaf might cause to clog up and create water blockages. The obstruction of drains and gutters can increase the chances of moistening damages. Make sure to clear out all drains and gutters to avoid the headache of drainage or even worst moisture issues.

Cleaning the Backyard

With all the heavy inspections and repairs ready to be done and fixed, it is time to tackle the cleaning of your backyard. Start pulling up all the leaf, and any weeds that have sprouted. It is also a good time to make some holes in the soil to aerate and help the grass and your plants to absorb the water and all nutrients. If your grass is irregular, add topsoil and grass seed to help to grow up in good shape.

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