Chainlink Fencing for Vancouver & Surrey: 5 Advantages To Choose This Type of Fence Model

If you are looking for a fence model for your property, a good option to consider is the chainlink fence. In this article, we will discuss some advantages that justify this choice, but we will start by saying that this is a model that offers an amazing cost-benefit ratio, since it is very resistant and, at the same time, affordable.

What is chailink fencing?

Basically, it is a type of fence made of zinc-coated wire, which we call galvanized. The great advantage of the galvanized wire for protection fences is that the product will have a much longer durability. Zinc protects the fence against corrosion, as it is much more resistant. Therefore, fences made of galvanized steel are more resistant to water, air, climate and others.

Zinc also prevents the fences from rusting. Rust occurs with the oxidation of iron in contact with water and air. Zinc prevents the iron from coming into contact with air and water, therefore, your chainlink fence is safe.

In addition to this classic version, which is silver, it is possible to find versions with colored vinyl coated. QS Fencing, for example, can make chainlink fences in colors such as green, black brown and even blue or white.

How galvanized fences are made?

Galvanization is the name of the process through which the wire goes when it receives the zinc coating. This can be done in two ways: by immersion or electroplating. In both, the results are the same: more protection for the wire.

In immersion, the steel wire is bathed and dipped in hot zinc. Once this is done, it is kept in a safe place to dry naturally. After drying, the cold zinc will stick to the steel and is finally ready for use. In electrogalvanization, the steel is also dipped, but this time in an electrolyte bath that will be transformed into zinc after drying.

Benefits of Chainlink Fencing

You already know that a chainlink fence made of galvanized steel is much more resistant to the weather and does not rust. Now, learn about the other advantages of choosing this material in your house or company.

  • Durability and service life is longer;
  • The installation time for chainlink fences is short (when you buy protection fences with this material, it comes ready-made);
  • The product arrives at your house ready to be used (already assembled, just the installation is needed);
  • The application is quick and without waste (there is no need for cement or other material).

In summary, chainlink fences are suitable for industries, companies and even houses due to their corrosion and weather resistance. They can be used to protect a place or to section wide lands.

Chainlink Fencing for Vancouver and Surrey

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