Chainlink Fences and Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Them in Good Condition

One of the best known features of chainlink fences is that they require little maintenance. They are very durable fences, especially when compared to wooden ones. Even so, they demand eventual maintenance so that it lasts many, many years. Check out how to do this in the topics below.

1. Beware of Rust

Most chainlink fences are made with zinc-coated wire, which guarantees protection against rust and corrosion. In any case, if installing a new fence, pay attention when choosing a company and a type of fence to see if the material is really suitable.

2. Wash your Fence

Over time, even fences that require little maintenance can accumulate dirt, dust or attract weeds. So, take time out every few months to wash it with water and soap so that it always looks new. If you prefer, you can also apply wax to keep it shiny and repel dust.

3. Lubricate the Gates

If there are gates in your fence, also apply mineral oil on the hinges, so that they work well without jamming. Take the opportunity to see if they are also free of rust. If they are rusty, you can clean them with products for that purpose or with a mixture of baking soda and water.

4. Pay Attention to your Fence

From time to time, walk around the perimeter of the fence and notice if there are holes – which can be a sign of invaders (whether they are animals or humans). See also if the fence remains stable as it was when installed. Because it requires little maintenance, it is common for people to eventually forget to check the integrity of the fence, especially on large plots.

5. Get Professional Help

If you noticed any problem in your fence, contact professionals who can assist you in solving the problem. Sometimes the problem can be structural – in this case, it is better to let a specialized team do the maintenance.

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