Chain-Link Fences, the Style That Never Gets Old

Style trends come and go, but some are timeless due to their versatility. Take chain-link fences, for example. While their standard look won’t win any beauty pageants, there’s a reason it’s the most widely used fence system on the market. It’s hard to beat in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, flexibility and low-cost installation.

In terms of security, the clear view it provides means there’s no place for intruders or lurkers to hide. Chain-link fences have stood guard over commercial, industrial, and government property, as well as airports, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, motor pools, vehicle fleets and hazardous areas.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t suited for a residential setting. New vinyl colour-coated options mean that you’re no longer stuck with the drab grey metal that first comes to mind. Chain-link fences can be adapted to fit into any neighbourhood, as well as the more traditional commercial and industrial zones.

For the budget conscious, or those who don’t need the frills of colour coating, metallic-coated chain-link is still the number one bestselling fence system in the world, and easily the most effective and economical option out there. Its strength and durability are ideal to protect children, pets, and your property.

But colour coating provides more options at a reasonable price. It gives a smooth finish, prevents rust, and allows the fence to blend or complement its surroundings. Green is popular in park-like settings, while black and brown are more unobtrusive. Perhaps you’d like to surround your outdoor pool with a blue-coated fence, or make it stand out with white. Optional slats can be added to provide privacy or soften the appearance of a chain-link fence.

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