Chain-Link Fence Repair: What’s Involved?

Chain-link fencing is an affordable and effective way to protect your property, not to mention extremely durable. But that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. At some point you’re going to need chain-link fence repair.

As a Vancouver-based company that specialises in chain-link fence repair and installation, the team at QS Fencing knows that this requires special knowledge and training. But you should still be familiar with what you can do yourself, and what is best left to the professionals.

So what’s involved in chain-link fence repair? Well, first off it depends on what parts need fixing. If you have a sagging chain-link fence, chances are it’s because of a loose fence post or a weak foundation. Problems like these need to be attended to right away before they get worse, but they are also one of the easier problems to handle. Once the loose post is located, you can dig around it and pour concrete into its place, then plop the fence post back in and use the struts to hold it still.

Direct damage to the fence is also a common problem, either caused by weather, falling trees, or some kind of accident. And even under the best of conditions, rust is eventually going to become a problem.

These are more complicated repairs. For example, if the chain-link fence rail needs repairing, it’s going to require cutting it with a hacksaw, followed by removing the post cap, brace bands, and tension bands, before you can install the new rail and reattach everything again.

If only a small part of the chain-link mesh needs replacing, things are a bit easier. Once the tension bar is properly removed, you can cut out the damaged mesh and cut out a section of fresh chain-link to fill the hole. After that, you can weave the pieces together using pliers and tighten it up once the tension bar is reattached.

But even fixing a loose post can be more difficult than it first appears, depending on the quality of ground your post is on and any elevation changes. In most cases, it’s probably wise to all upon a professional like QS Fencing.