Chain Link Fence in Vancouver: Should it Come Before or After the Construction?

Embarking on a construction project involves a myriad of crucial decisions, and one predominant deliberation is whether to erect the chain link fence prior to the construction or afterwards. This choice is pivotal, impacting the overall workflow, safety, and security of the construction site, especially in bustling locales like Vancouver. 

Balancing the needs for security and practical construction processes is key in ensuring the seamless progression of building developments, whether for residential or commercial purposes. In this discussion, we delve into the pros and cons of the timing of installing chain link fences in relation to construction endeavors and offer insights and guidelines to aid property owners in navigating this essential aspect of property development.

Assessing the Need: Chain Link Fences Before Construction

Having the chain link fence built before initiating the building work can offer several advantages. It establishes a secure perimeter around the property, safeguarding construction materials, equipment, and the site against theft and vandalism. It also ensures the safety of the public by preventing unauthorized access to the construction site, minimizing the risk of accidents and liabilities.

For instance, consider a commercial property in the bustling areas of Vancouver. Erecting the chain link fence first can significantly deter intrusions and unauthorized entries, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted construction process.



  • Don’t overlook local regulations and bylaws regarding fencing and construction.
  • Avoid skimping on the quality of the chain link fence; opt for durable and reliable solutions that offer maximum protection.

Construction First: When is it the Right Choice?

There are scenarios where commencing the construction work before installing the chain link fence makes more sense. In some cases, constructing the building first allows for a more accurate assessment of the property’s fencing needs, ensuring a better fit and more effective security solution.

For example, residential properties in Vancouver with tight spaces might benefit from constructing the building first to avoid any limitations or alterations to the fence later on, which can be cumbersome and costly


  • Assess the property and construction layout to determine if any part of the building process might impact the fence installation.
  • Consider the timeline of the construction project. If the project is expected to be completed in a shorter time frame, it might be practical to initiate the construction first.


  • Don’t delay the installation of the chain link fence after the construction is completed, especially in areas prone to security risks.
  • Avoid ignoring the advice of construction and fencing professionals regarding the sequence of the construction and fencing installation.

Tips for Optimizing Your Construction Project

  • Early Consultation: Reach out to fencing specialists like QS Fencing early in the planning phase to discuss your fencing needs and options.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Evaluate the location, type of property, and local regulations to make an informed decision on whether to install the chain link fence before or after the construction.
  • Quality and Reliability: Opt for high-quality and reliable chain link fences that provide adequate security and durability, ensuring peace of mind throughout the construction process.
  • Professional Installation: Rely on experienced and skilled professionals for the installation of chain link fences to guarantee optimal results and adherence to standards.

Chain Link Fences in Vancouver

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