Aluminum Railing Fence Can Protect Your Kids on Playground Areas

When it comes to children safety, mainly in public spaces such as residential playgrounds, a fence installation might be helpful to protect the little ones from intruders and unwanted views. As a Vancouver fence company, the experts at QS Fencing are well trained to provide the best option of fencing aligned to your needs. 

A fence around a playground area plays an important role in providing protection to the kids to not surpass the perimeter and run into the streets, wandering far away from the play area, and keeping a safe distance from strange passerby. There are many options for playground fencing. One of them is the aluminum railing

The professional staff at QS Fencing is pleased to offer you quality fence and railing products. Our railing product options are durable solution to create a strong barrier around the playground area. Our team understands that safety is your first concern when it comes to choosing an appropriate fence to protect your loved ones from injuring from a fall or an unwanted seeing. 

The aluminum railing is a great option for fencing a playground area due to the resistance of the material, durability, and easy maintenance. More than increase the safety, the aluminum railing can be totally customized for your need, a unique product that suits perfectly for your need. For example, it is possible to assemble aluminum fencing with specific stripe wide, and specifics distances between the stripes. 

One of our team members will help you to project and design the aluminum railing fence that better suits for your need. You can count with a variety of height of the fencing stripes depending on your requirement. 

The thickness of the stripes also plays an important role in determining the stability of the fencing. All these characteristics count toward the fencing effectiveness and protection from external dangers like intruders and animals. Moreover, the thickness helps in keeping the kids within the restricted areas and preventing the possibility of kids climbing up the fencing and preserves the privacy. 

As a well-trained team of fencing installation in Vancouver, we work really hard to provide our customers with a guaranteed competitive price on the cost of an aluminum fence. Give us a call at (604) 777-3057 or send us an email to to request a free estimate.